Why Us – To plan your wedding

  1. To make your wedding most memorable, ShaadiTown.Com provides you best options available in your city and country.

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    Valuable Time (As you will not need to do market survey)

    Fuel Saving.

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    Protect your Skin from sun-tan.

    All this ultimately saves your hard earned money.

  3. Helps you in planning your wedding, even when you at anyplace in the world.

  4. You can save vendors to “Shortlist”. Your “Shortlist” can be viewed, downloaded, or forwarded to anyone at any time. (You will need to Log In to access this feature).

  5. Turns your wedding into your dream wedding. And people will remember it for lifelong. ( As wide choice of options are available here for you, which will help you in selecting option that suits you the best).

  6. And did we forget to mention? It’s completely Free.

    And also we warmly welcome your suggestions to make your experience better with ShaadiTown.Com.

  7. Happy Wedding

    -From ShaadiTown.Com